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Buying a new car

When you buy your new car, you expect the paint to be in perfect condition, free of marks and you would expect the dealership to process your new acquisition as it deserves, but unfortunately it is never the case.

New cars often leave the production line with paint defects such as sanding marks, fine swirls and scratches, as well as buffer streaks due to improper polishing methods during the painting process.

The poor quality of the car preparation often causes even more damage such as fine scratches, non-eliminated industrial benefits, surface markings, bird prints, holograms and scratches to name a few.

Treatment can be applied on any vehicles

Car Dealers

Dealers will often try to sell to their unsuspecting customers low quality paint protection products (LifeShine, Guard-X, Supaguard, Diamondbrite to name the most popular ones) that claim to last forever and protect the vehicle from the elements.

While it may seem convenient to apply this product while the car is at the dealership, it is not a good value for a number of reasons:

The products are improperly applied on top of the wrong paint finishes, causing more damage than good.

The valetiers are subject to short time constraints and often lack the proper technique and training on the best way to apply the product to protect your new investment!

The coatings are not applied at the proper temperatures or are not allowed to cure for the recommended time.

The car is not prepared properly, which means that the product is applied to dirt encrusted on the paint.

When dealers prepare your new car, they spend between 2 and 3 hours maximum.

Protection process


The process of protecting new cars at Esthétique Auto Prestige Outaouais generally takes two to three days, depending on the size of the vehicle and the condition of the paint on arrival. Not only do we make sure your paint is clean and free of microscopic contamination, but we also perform one-step mechanical polishing before applying ceramic coatings or paint protection. This process greatly increases the gloss levels of the paint and eliminates any swirls and scratches.

If you are looking for protection for all surfaces, we also have the option to remove your wheels and protect them from the inside to the outside, as well as to coat the outer glass surfaces. Inside, leather and fabrics can also be sealed and protected, giving your new acquisition the best start possible and ensuring it stays in top form.


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